Tim Ngo United States Army SGT, Ret.

Tim Ngo United States Army SGT, Ret.

U.S. Army SGT Tim Ngo was deployed to Baghdad Iraq in2004 with the 1st Cav 1/9. He was on a foot patrol on August 4th, 2004, when a grenade landed at the feet of a fellow battle buddy. Tim pushed his battle buddy out of the way of the grenade and took the blast from the grenade. A 2nd grenade then landed 2 feet away shattering the left side of Tim’s skull. Tim spent 4 months learning how to do everything all over again including walking, talking, etc. The left side of his skull is now plastic. Tim was awarded a Purple Heart and the Bronze Star with a V device for his service.

SGT Ret. Tim NgoIn January of 2015, Tim said: “Tee It Up for the Troops saved my life. When I received an invitation to participate in my first Tee It Up for the Troops event, I was going through a tough time in life. Dealing with my team leader’s death had me thinking about suicide. But going to my first Tee It Up for the Troops event gave me hope and saved my life. I have two heroes… my team leader, SSG Prater and Tee It Up for the Troops. You guys saved my life. I cannot say thank you enough.”


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    Tee It Up for the Troops believes in engaging and inspiring communities across the United States to do great things on behalf of the military men and women who have served and sacrificed so much for our freedoms. Tee It Up for the Troops combines golf events with an inspirational ceremony, instilling a sense of pride, honor, respect and appreciation for all those who have served and given so greatly. Through these events, Tee It Up for the Troops has become a fundraising engine for several local and national non-profit partners including Fisher House Foundation, Hope for the Warriors, and Disabled Sports USA, allowing them to focus on what they do best: helping wounded veterans and their families to heal, transition, grow and thrive! Over the past year, Tee It Up for the Troops and its partners have accomplished the following: Assisted more than 25,000 military families, saving families more than $30 million in lodging costs alone, plus food and transportation. Helped more than 5,000 veterans to restore a sense of self, family, and hope. Served more than 1,400 of the most severely wounded service members with year-round programs in more than 40 different sports nationwide. Reunited over 125 wounded veterans who were separated due to battlefield injuries, changes in rehabilitation, or other reasons beyond their control. Together, we make a difference!


    1. Tim Ngo March 4, 2016 at 1:13 am

      Just surfing the Internet and found this article about me. I’m honored you posted a article on me. But there was a 3rd and 4th grenade thrown that day. Amazing the things you will find on the Internet tho. Thanks again.

    2. ANDREW D ANDERSON March 4, 2016 at 2:03 am

      March 4, 2016 do you own a time machine timmy

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