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Patriot Heroes Testimonials

Veteran Testimonials

The strategy is working. To date, R4’s “Programs of Excellence” have directly benefitted more than 150,000 service members and their families. In spite of the daunting challenges, R4 Alliance has been successful in its mission where others before them have failed.

As with all successful military campaigns, the secret of their success can be found in numbers, expertise and the ‘will to win.’

The strength of R4 Alliance lies in the power of many,” says Bert Gillette, R4 Alliances’ Director of Programs and Outreach. “We’re able to do what others have only talked about by establishing a truly collaborative treatment network. Our collective experience and combined knowledge grows with every Program of Excellence we bring on board.”

Soon, all patriotic Americans will have an opportunity to honor Our Military Family by joining R4 Alliance in the Patriots Parade, an online initiative to show support for our Brothers and Sisters in uniform who have sacrificed their lives in support of our beloved freedom.

Higher Ground “I’m still here, I’m still alive, and I wouldn’t be without you all. When I was in Sun Valley, I found friends, I felt like I belonged, and I found purpose. I lost the motivation to die, and discovered my motivation to live.” 

Project Sanctuary “Project Sanctuary was a God-send to our family’s need; all made a huge impact by providing much-needed respite, finance and marriage classes and individual caring in a gorgeous setting.” 

Project Healing Waters “I don’t know how to thank-you; it is the most emotional thing that has ever happened to me! God bless all of you for what you do. It has made a difference in my life. THANK YOU!” 

Ride 2 Recovery “When I met other R2R riders I realized there are people who care and I’m not going through this alone; I’m not the only one. The program changed my life.”