Terry W. Branham United States Army Colonel, Ret.

Terry W. Branham United States Army Colonel, Ret.

Terry Branham enlisted and served 26 years active duty in the US Army and retired as a Colonel.  He served in Vietnam as a Cobra Attack Helicopter Pilot and was awarded the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with 26 clusters and the V device and the Bronze Star for Valor. Twenty years later during the Gulf War he was an Apache Helicopter Squadron Commander and Apache Pilot leading the first Squadron sized Apache attack into Iraq.   

He was then asked to lead the Dept of State Air Wing for the U.S. Drug War in South America for over 2 ½ years.  His unit of 13 Army Officers and 500 contract and host nation people with 60 Helicopters and 12 Thrush Spray Aircraft operating in Peru, Guatemala, Bolivia, Belize and Ecuador performed night assaults into the jungle to destroy cocaine labs, spray Cocaine and Heroin crops in the mountains, and to capture drug cartel aircraft transiting drugs from and thru these countries.  The team would capture over 1 Billion dollars in drugs each year, destroy hundreds of cocaine labs and capture approximately 15 drug cartel aircraft.


He and his wife Barb reside in Lakeville, MN and serve as a Marriage Mentor couple for Pre-Marriage Couples with Hosanna Lutheran Church and they are active as the Volunteer Coordinators for the Lakeville Yellow Ribbon Program.  Terry co-leads a team of men who build disability ramps for disabled veterans and their families across the entire metro area and have built 54 ramps in the past 4 years.

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