Robert W. Briggs Iowa National Guard 224th Combat Engineers Co. C. Mt. Pleasant IA.  He enlisted September 1991 and was medically retired December 2008. Bobby was a 21 Echo and 12 Bravo. He was deployed to Iraq in 2011.  His unit was responsible for route clearing and security among many other missions. He was severely injured April 16, 2011 in Ramadi Iraq when a 110 mortor was fired into their FOB. 5 men lost their lives that moment.  Bobby and two other brothers were injured with Bobby being the most severely  injured.  Even thou he was not expected to survive the attack he did and fought hard to get back to close to normal as he could.  He inspired others not to give up and advocated for the injured National Guard and others.  He proved that that there was hope after injury thru speaking with others and learning how to do things he loved thru adaptive programs.  He left a mark in this world that will never be forgotten.  Love and miss ya Tatot Tot.