Philip G Ostrom

Philip G Ostrom

I grew up in the New England area with a strong military heritage. My father was decorated Navy officer serving in WWII on sub-chasers escorting shipping across the Atlantic.

My older brother was an Air Force Officer in intelligence during the Cold War. He worked on U2 photos of the Russian build up.

My brother in law was a Marine Officer serving in peace time before Nam. He was a MT officer at 29 stumps.

I joined the Marines in the Platoon Leaders Course. This requires two six week sessions after your freshman and sophomore years in college. After my freshman year in 1962, I attended my first six week session. Of the initial platoon, only 35% made it through to the end. I was slated to attend my second six week session after my sophomore year, but a medical problem required surgery. I had to fight to get a deferment to attend my second session after my junior year of college. The Marines granted me this deferment and I attended the second six week session. I remember having ¬†second thoughts of going to Quantico again and enduring the abuse from the DI’s. I also remember, reporting in and five returning PLC candidates quitting (DOR – drop on request) before we marched off to get our additional uniforms. I made it through the second session. I graduated from college and was commissioned a new 2nd Lt.

Off to TBS (The Basic School) for the next six months. Here I learned how to be a Marine Officer. I learned about honor, courage, commitment and completing the Mission, taking care of your Men, mastering Fear. Upon completion of TBS, I had three MOS’s (1802.1803, 0802) tanks, amtracks, and artillery.

I went over to Nam as an XO of Marine Detachment on an Aircraft Carrier. Upon arriving in Nam, I worked with Recon Marines. What I remember most of my time in Nam, is the other Marines I lead, supported, cared for, and cried for. After my time in Nam, I came back to the States and joined the Marine Reserves.

My time in the Marines made me appreciate all the freedoms we enjoy. I have had the privilege to travel and work  around the world. I know this is the Greatest Country in the world. I support two organizations- R4 Alliance and the SemperFi Fund out of Oceanside, CA

Semper Fi


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