Paul M. Jones

Paul M. Jones

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Paul M. Jones-Born in Oklahoma in 1938, Mike attended Oklahoma Military Academy (OMA) for four years of High School and two years of Junior College.  His military training at OMA prompted Mike to apply to West Point.  He received an appoinment  and entered the Academy in July 1958.  Graduating in June 1962, Mike became a 2d LT in the Field Artillery.  His skills included Ranger and Airborne training.  Panama was his first assignment as he joined the 319th Field Artillery Battalion which was part of the prestigious 173d Airborne Brigade.  During this period, he received the Soldiers Medal for saving the life of a fellow soldier.  In 1967, Mike deployed to the Republic of Viet Nam for the first of two combat tours there.  During his 22 years in the Army Mike served in just about every officer’s position in a Field Artillery Battalion.  He also was a Tactical Officer at West Point and a military Instructor in the University of Kansas. He retired in 1984 with the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel (LTC).  His decorations included 4 Bronze Stars, a Legion of Merit, 2 Army Commendation Medals, 4 Meritorious Service Medals, and  one Air Medal.  LTC Paul Michael Jones passed away in 1995.  He was a good soldier and a true friend.

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    1. Joan LaFontaine January 7, 2016 at 5:13 pm

      I dated Mike on and off during his four years at West Point, and we communicated briefly after his marriages to both Barbara and
      Grace, and while he was at Old Dominion. I have thought of him over the years, and just now put his name on my screen, to see where life had taken him. I’m so sad
      to read of his passing, although the memories of a lovely friendship will remain. Will someone tell me briefly how and where
      he died?

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