Objectives and Values

Objectives and Values 2017-05-18T20:21:55+00:00

  • Create and utilize collaborative Research and evaluation tools providing a substantial evidence base to: advocate recreation as a crucial component to health and wellness, disseminate findings through the medical community, and provide protocol for individualized client treatment plans

  • Serve as a nationally recognized alliance of service providers promoting Standards of Excellence developed and driven by our membership organizations to ensure effective recreation services to Our Military Family

  • Provide information sharing systems facilitating communication between service providers necessary for a collaborative Continuum of Care to ensure the highest quality of service provision

  • Establish Education and Training guidelines to facilitate the distribution of our collective experience and knowledge

  • Enhance funding and Economic Viability through creative private sector fundraising initiatives and securing private and public grants

R4 Values: Integrity, Compassion, Empowerment, Inclusion, Selfless Service