Maxie B. Pullen served the US Army from December 1953 – December 1955.  He was stationed several places but spent most of his time in Texas.  He was my grandfather and a hell of a man.  He married my grandmother, Shirley Pullen, and built his life in Kilmichael, Mississippi.  They had three daughters:  Mackie, Christie, and Mitzie.  Maxie Pullen passed in 2013 leaving behind 3 daughters, 10 grandchildren (8 girls and 2 boys), and 6 great grandson’s.

He was everything to me.  He taught me how to fish, and what a man is.  He has made me laugh, cry, and believe in myself more than anyone else.  He loved to hear me sing, and he never missed anything I participated in as a child and as an adult.  He was my best friend, and I miss him dearly.