Manny with famMy good friend Manny served his country as an Army E-4 in Iraq where he was severely wounded by and IED.

In his recovery, he held a record no-one wants having one of the longest stays (3+years) at Walter Reed. It is not his injury that makes him one my my personal heroes, but his unbreakable spirit.

Manny always has a smile on his face, a positive attitude, and is warm to all he meets. One of my favorite stories about Manny was when he left Walter Reed and his family took him to  a Mayan ruin in Mexico. His prosthetic wasn’t working on the steep stairs, so he just took it off and ti-podded his way up. Manny climbed the temple talking trash to everyone who was resting saying something along the lines of “I have one leg, one lung, one kidney, 1/2 of my abs, and I’m still kicking your ass!”

It’s this attitude and spirit that earned him the nickname “SUPER MANNY”

Manny is currently living in Puerto Rico where he volunteers at the prosthesis lab at the VA, is earning his degree in business administration, and has aspirations to run for the US Senate.