COL Jill Chambers

COL Jill Chambers


Jill in theaterA service disabled Veteran and survivor of the Pentagon attack on 9/11, Colonel Jill W. Chambers, U.S. Army (R), served four Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the final 8 years of her nearly 30 year, groundbreaking Army career.

In 2007, sheJill in Uniform became the first “Special Assistant to the Chairman for Returning Warrior Issues” when then, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen asked her to create a team, lead a focused study and offer recommendations regarding the challenges faced by wounded warrior across all branches of the military.  What she discovered was that there were an extraordinary number of active duty personnel, Veterans and family members who were silently and needlessly suffering from Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain injuries.

It is almost inconceivable now, but as recently as 2009, invisible wounds too often remained in the shadows because of the powerful stigma around mental health challenges in the Military.

With evidence in hand, the team she assembled presented their unique vision to then Army Chief of Staff General Casey as the Military’s strongest opportunity to care fo
r the record number of men and women in all branches of service facing Traumatic Brain Injuries and Post Traumatic Stress.

Immediately following that historic meeting, General Casey announced that the Army was going to
begin talking about Mental Health in a new, innovative way for the sake of those who serve.Jill with Miller

Within a year, the Army birthed the “Comprehensive Soldier Fitness” program, the first holistic approach to wellness in the history of the Military.

While there have been many who have powerfully driven this mission forward since 2009, she was the first person in the history of the Military, male or female to be able to successfully break through the barriers of silence on this issue.  Her extraordinary effectiveness in this role, has quite literally and positively transformed the lives of thousands of American heroes.

Jill “relaunched” in 2009 after her 30 year Army career and translated her skills into the creation of her successful business This Able Vet, LLC, providing free complimentary and Integrative tools to empower Veterans and Military Family members to take charge of their health.

Jill and Michael

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