Philip G Ostrom

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I grew up in the New England area with a strong military heritage. My father was decorated Navy officer serving in WWII on sub-chasers escorting shipping across the Atlantic.My older brother was an Air Force Officer in intelligence during the Cold War. He worked on U2 photos of the Russian build up.My brother in law [...]

Paul M. Jones

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Paul M. Jones-Born in Oklahoma in 1938, Mike attended Oklahoma Military Academy (OMA) for four years of High School and two years of Junior College.  His military training at OMA prompted Mike to apply to West Point.  He received an appoinment  and entered the Academy in July 1958.  Graduating in June 1962, Mike became a [...]

Charles R. Chandler

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Charles R. Chandler-Born and raised in rural Louisiana, Chuck Chandler received a congressional appointment to the US Military Academy at West Point, NY after two years at Louisiana Tech.   Chuck achieved his  childhood dream when  he entered West Point in the summer of 1958.  A brilliant cadet , Chuck graduated in 1962 ranking 8th out [...]

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Carl R. Morin, Jr.

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Carl R. Morin, Jr.-Carl was born in in Eustis Florida in 1940.  An excellent athlete and student Carl graduated as the class valedictorian from Melbourne High School in 1958 and  immediately entered the US Military Academy at West Point, NY.  Graduating in June 1962, he attended the Field Artillery Officer's Basic Course , Ranger  School [...]

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Thurston A. Griffith, Jr.-Thurston (Turk)

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Thurston A. Griffith, Jr.-Thurston (Turk) was born in 1940.  He graduate from Los Alamos High School(NM) in 1958.  An honor student and star athlete, Turk realized his boyhood dream when he reported to the US Military Academy at West Point, NY in July of 1958.  He graduated in June 1962 as a 2d LT in [...]

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Wayne A. Downing

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Wayne A. Downing-Wayne was born in Peoria, IL in 1940.  He and his two  sisters were raised by his mother after his father was killed in World War II.  As the son of a deceased veteran, Wayne was able to qualify for a Presidential Appointment to the US Military Academy at West Point, NY.  Entering [...]

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William A. Cauthen, Jr

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William A. Cauthen, Jr-  Born into a career Army family in 1939, Bill spent his early years moving with his family to various Army Posts.  After High School, Bill attended The Citadel.  One year later he accepted an appointment to the US Military Academy at West Point, NY.  Graduating as a Field Artillery 2d LT, [...]

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Michael J. Bartelme

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Michael J. Bartelme-Born in Wisconsin and raised in Minnesota, "Mick" entered West Point in July 1958.  He graduated in 1962 and was commissioned as a 2dLT in the Infantry.  As an Airborne/Ranger, he was initially assigned as an Infantry Platoon Leader in the 101st Airborne Division.  In 1964, he was further assigned to Viet Nam [...]

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Duke Wheeler

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Duke Wheeler is a graduate of the United States Military Academy West Point. He served during the Vietnam War and retired as a Captain in the US Army. 

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Walter Hicks

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Walter Hicks, March 23, 1940-February 14, 2015.  Commissioned from ROTC at North Carolina State University in 1962. Served 21 years in the US Army and retired as a LTC in 1983.  He was Field Artillery, Airborne and a Senior Army Aviator qualified in both fixed and rotory wing aircraft. He served two tours in the [...]

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Rocky Armstead

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Rocky Armstead was a MEDEVAC helicopter pilot serving in Vietnam. He did not survive his tour, leaving behind his 3 year old daughter, Ronda Englander. Ronda is now Co-founder and Executive Director of the Comfort Crew for Military Kids, providing support and comfort to thousands of military kids dealing with the challenges of military life. 

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Paul White Jr

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A Green Beret, A Hero, MY DAD! My dad served 1960-1963 While he doesn't often talk about his time in the service. I know he is a proud veteran!

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Terry W. Branham United States Army Colonel, Ret.

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Terry Branham enlisted and served 26 years active duty in the US Army and retired as a Colonel.  He served in Vietnam as a Cobra Attack Helicopter Pilot and was awarded the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with 26 clusters and the V device and the Bronze Star for Valor. Twenty years later during [...]

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David J Latus

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I served in the U.S. Army in 1960- 1964.  My 4  year career took me to Istanbul, Turkey where I served as an aide to  General Michaelis and his family.  I am proud of the time I spent in the Army and I say" thank you" to everyone who has served to protect our freedom.

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Roger E. Duncan

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We had killed more than we should have but that’s the way it usually was. In truth I should say that Roger did most of the killing. I did a lot of the shooting. Not to say that I was a bad shot...I was average on most days and a little better on some but [...]

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Corporal Douglas H Kinard

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Douglas H Kinard served in the USMC from 1964-1970.  He proudly served his country in Vietnam, and unfortunately lost his best friend.  He returned home, where he was married and had two children:  Rebecca Kinard and Douglas Hamilton Kinard Jr.  

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William S. Potter

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“Welcome To My World” 1Lt Glenn Rudy greets 2LT Bill Potter for his first “In Country” day “Home away from Home Camp Eagle” Left to right is Marine CPT William Brown, Army 1Lt Pete Casey and Army 1LT William Potter. With the US still feeling the effects of WW II and [...]

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Victor Turzanski

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My father you proudly served in the U.S. Navy at the age of 17 and later joined the Air Force and then the Army until he retired. Dad, as a pilot with over 10,000 hours in the cockpit, you have served our country in WWII, The Korean Conflict and Vietnam Nam twice. I am so [...]

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Carlton Hawkins

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Carlton Hawkins served in the Navy during the Vietnam War.  He was stationed in Norfolk, VA and San Diego, California. His years in the Navy were some of the most impactful years of his life, and he remains a sailor at heart.Carlton continues to serve and advocate for his fellow veterans through holding various positions [...]

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Tony “TK” Kelly

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Tony "TK" Kelly is a Marine Vietnam veteran who was part of an extraction team in the combat depicted in the academy award winning film "Born on the Fourth of July".  I was stationed just below the DMZ in 1968, and after gaining some combat experience, rose from PFC to Sergeant & squad leader. Our [...]

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