Robert J. Powers

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My dad, Robert J. Powers was a Marine Corps First Sergeant in WWII stationed in the South Pacific.  His Marine air recon unit was VMD 154. Click here to Read more about the VMD They photographed the islands of Truck, Guadalcanal and many others in preparation for the great battles. He then had a forty four [...]

Magnus Foss Sr

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Magnus Foss along with his children Mac Jr, Ditty, Mark and Bill, not pictured, all served. Magnus served in both World Wars, Mac Jr and Ditty in WW2, Mark in Korea and Bill post-Korea.

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Don Wineland

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Don went into the Navy in June of 1944. His boot camp was in Sampson, NY. Shortly after that he was assigned to The Pringle destoyer DD477 and almost immediately ended up in three battles in the Phillipens. Then off to Iwo. During his duty aboard ship it was hit with a kamakatzie, ship survived and was repaired. He applied for [...]

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Edward C. Grace

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Edward C. Grace He was a steward mate 1st class.  He lost his life, December 18, 1944, in the River Seine, France when the small boat in which he was returning to his ship capsized.

Robert V Flanigan

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My father, Robert Flanigan, served in World War II under Omar Bradley in the Seventh Army, 100th division, 399th Infantry Regiment. Most Americans are aware of the heroic battle known as The Battle of the Bulge. What most Americans don't know is that just two weeks after the famous battle Americans were called on to defend the [...]

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Angel Ponce

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My maternal Grandfather, Angel Ponce will be 98 years young on 15 November. Served in 141st INF, Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arno, Southern France, Rhineland, Central Europe between 17SEP1940 and 30JUL1945. A combat Veteran myself, recognition of his Service has a special place in my heart. Brother to 7 (2 still living), Father of 4, Grandfather to 10, Great [...]

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Ivan W. Anderson

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Proud of my biological Father, Ivan, received a purple heart for his wounds while in battle with the German army in Germany. 

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Edward Politowicz

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Today we celebrate the Life & Legacy of Edward Politowicz. He was a man that lived a full life. He was a veteran of World War 2. During his tour he survived four amphibious landings including 2 on Iwo Jima. He was among 200 that returned home from Iwo Jima. He was a guiding light [...]

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Melvin E. Davidson

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Dad, Melvin E. Davidson, served our country and was so devastated when his brother was killed on base in Texas while on guard duty.  He was a wonderful father and loved his job in the logging industry (Oregon), driving a log truck.

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Ed Alger

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My Grandfather, Ed Alger, served in the United States Army Air Corps during WWII.  Love you pops.

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Irving Locker

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Irving Locker made his first visit to the beaches of Normandy in early June since he was part of the Allied D-Day invasion that pushed back the Nazis and ended World War II. After battling through the Nazi bunkers along the shore, living in foxholes, pressing inland through frigid weather to the Battle of the [...]

Arthur C Chaney Jr.

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On March 24 1943 Arthur Chaney enlisted as an Infantry Rifleman in the US Army. He finished his Basic Training and was assigned to 3rd Infantry Division, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Battalion, K Company around the summer of 1943. In the late summer and fall he was sent to Northern Africa awaiting transportation to the front lines [...]

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Floyd A. Potter

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After graduating from University of Cincinnati Medical school in 1941 he immediately went on active duty with the U.S. Army Air Force as a Captain. By 1944 he had been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. State side flight surgeon training assignments included Lowrey Field in Denver and Randolph Field in San Antonio.  Eventually assigned to Alamogordo, [...]

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Leo Champagne

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Leo Champagne-Marine Corps-Served in 1940's Born Nov 27,1925 At Westbrook Maine -Completed High School June 1943 at age 17-Two weeks later enlisted in Marine Corps. -Very patriotic time - not unusual - After completing basic training at Parris Island South Carloina -sent too Camp Pendleton Oceanside CA. To join 5th Mar.Div.as it was just being [...]

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Audie Murphy

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The most decorated soldier in World War II was Audie Murphy with 1 Belgian medal, five French and 33 U.S. medals earned in 27 months of combat. After the war, Murphy went on to star in 44 movies. After the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, 17-year-old Murphy tried to enlist in the [...]

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