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In the aftermath of Post-911 conflicts, more than 650,000 service members are returning home with disabilities that require continued care. As a result of the private sector’s unprecedented support, we have recognized a need to provide therapeutic and community recreation services, as well as other vital services for Our Military Family.

The R4 Alliance sponsored Patriots’ Parade initiative involves a two-fold mission: to confront and target glaring issues on how to best care for Our Military Family, and best practices to effectively provide an avenue to honor our heroes. The initiative is web-based to centralize communication and promote widespread awareness. An integral aspect of the initiative includes a unique and interactive listing of the names and photos (where available) of patriots from all military era’s, beginning in 1775.

In association with each name of a hero, individuals, groups, corporations, churches, non-profits, et al., will be able to submit a tribute for a nominal donation, and/or purchase the opportunity to honor an individual, or all heroes, for $250.00 or more. In recognition of a donation of $250 or more, an individual, group and/or representative will receive a 3’x5′ American-made Stars and Stripes (manufactured by a veteran-owned company made of recycled materials in the USA) along with a numbered certificate of appreciation. Users will be given the opportunity to purchase multiple tributes for the same or other military heroes. A “Tribute” allows a user to create a page where they can honor a service member by uploading text, videos, and/or photographs.

Funds allocated to R4 Alliance will be directed to driving standards of excellence, continued research, education and training, creating a continuum of care, and ensuring the economic viability of our member organizations. Some funds will also be used for administrative costs associated with website development/maintenance, website deployment and staffing.

Together we will improve care by proving the efficacy of therapeutic and community recreation as a means to reduce, and in some cases eliminate the use of pharmaceuticals in treating Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and Military Sexual Trauma (MST). Out ultimate goal strives to enhance rehabilitation techniques while reintegrating veterans into the community.